25 thoughts on “Should Bankrupt Exec Make More Money Than The President?

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  3. The problem is, Yerzriknot, they are lying to their shareholders, letting their company take so many risks that it goes under knowing that they will still get paid. Now, they take money that comes from the government (which gets its money through taxes) and giving it back to themselves as bonuses as opposed to using it to help their company. They are stealing; it doesnt matter if it is legal or not… it is fucked up, and stealing your money should be your business.

  4. BS ;I think all those crooks who sleep with the Creep Feds in Washingtons playing Golf in West Palm Beach —all of thier money should be taken flat out all of it and used to pave roads and create small jobs for the homeless and fuck all the Judges and Lawyers!!!If I had millions I would be gathering uyp homeless and crating an ARMY in say WV.

  5. think about 1.4 quadrillion in derivatives, that wall street has out there. basically making money out of nothing, at least police officers giving out tickets are doing their job, in a supposed civilized society there are laws and rules we all have to follow, most police officers are underpaid for how hard their job is, wall street just about destroyed the worlds economy, still not out of the woods yet, so keep a proper perspective

  6. Fuck Illegal means!!; COPS who get paid fuckin salaries sitting on thier ass playing with Panisonic toughbook computer— to wright you a fuckin ticket are bigger crooks than any junkie or Petty Stick up hood that robs some Gas station kwiky mart dumbass!Think about it ten tickets 150 dollars apiece HUH?

  7. Tons of people make more money then the president; and as long as they’re not making their money through illegal means it’s none of our business.

  8. ONe huge propoganda arm for fascism and right wing control is the Knights of Columbus.
    A Catholic pyramid scheme that raises huge amounts of money to bankroll republicans.

    They skim money off of everything.

  9. John, I agree they should be walked to the door.  The Ordinary man can be fired so should these crooks.

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  11. What compensation??
    Why does CEO and executives needs any compensation when they fucked up? Who the fuck comes up with all these “contract rules” about executive compensations in the first place? Its time the government step in and scrap these nonsense about compensation. If the executives fucked up he should be fired, just like an ordinary worker.

  12. The whole point of a stock intensive is that their compensation will be greater and greater when the company does better and better, thus I’d give them all of it this way. The would be less likely to bankrupt their companies, right?

  13. I didn’t know until now because I hadn’t watched him before but I’ll totally unsubscribe. Viva la States!

  14. Those executives built a world where their great-grandkids will never know how hard it is for the rest of us, and most of this country happily ate their bullshit burgers for 30 years, because they falsified our entire economy into one giant ponzi scheme.

  15. Because executives get buddy buddy with Boards of Directors and the two pat each other on the back. There have been studies showing how small group social interactions have a far, far greater influence on executive compensation than performance. Its all an old-boy network, and those free-marketeers want us to believe that the market works.

  16. Perhaps, but reality has a way of smacking us in the face. Credit card companies can’t make money if noone can pay it back, so they’ll become much more selective in giving out credit.

  17. lets face facts by the time the companies recover or go completely bankrupt this bail out will be in history books and we will never see this money AGAIN. We have the attention span of a gold fish. We will by big screen TV'”s and beer with a credit card and forget that these companies took all this money and will be happy with a 30% interest rate

    God Bless the USA

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