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Picture this:

You get your first site set up, and quickly start generating 100 daily visitors.

On that site, you promote a simple Clickbank affiliate offer, for a commission.

As it turns out, your page converts at 1%… so for every 100 visitors, you’re making one commission – and it’s all completely hands off and autopilot.

That’s a day – 50 a month, hitting your bank account automatically.

So you move on to the next site… and run through the process again… then the next one and the next one.

Ten sites later, you’re ripping down a VERY easy 0 a day… and all it took was a few hours using the simple traffic secrets I’ll be revealing to you in just a second.

But even that is just scratching the surface…

because once you can get 100 a visitors a day, all you need to do is scale it up a little bit, and you can easily get 500 a day, or a thousand a day…

The sky is the limit here…

Imagine in 90 days time having 10 sites that each get 500 visitors a day and converting a commission at 1%…

… that’s a veryeasy autopilot income of 50 a day…


… and it is all for free!

It doesn’t have to stop there either… there’s literally nolimit to the amount of traffic a system like this could generate for you…

… I mean, if I’m able to use it to generate traffic figures like these, you can easily copy me and do the same.



The funny thing is, it’s really not difficult to get traffic numbers like that…

the trouble is, most of the stuff that other people are showing you in their courses and “loophole” systems just isn’t true…

… sure, you’ll find something useful from time to time, but for the most part…

You are being lied to !


But that’s okay… because I’m about to lay out the truth for you.

In addition to this revolutionary software that’s completely unheard of and unseen I will EDUCATE you as to the REAL reason “best practice” online “guru” speak is designed to ensure that you FAIL.

You’ll witness some stone cold truths like:


How easy blogging should actually be



How the internet is a golden temple for easy cash – IF you have access to it (be patient… you will!)



Why everything about the gurus is as fake as the figures they claim to earn



How traffic is actually EASY to obtain






Traffic Annihilation

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Best Home Based Business Is Curb Painting Says New Report From Shoestring Publishing

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) March 15, 2012

A new report from Shoestring Publishing ( says that curb painting is one of the best high profit and easy startup businesses for home-based business owners, even though most people have never heard of the curb painting business. “It might surprise some people that one of the best home-based business opportunities in the world is curb painting, it has great profit potential and can be started in only two days by almost anyone,” says Justin Douglas of Planet Amazing. A new report and course from Planet Amazing shows the student exactly what to do to start this business. “Curbing is the act of painting your house number on the curb in front of your house, or business, so it can be seen by any visitors, friends, family, delivery trucks like FedEx or UPS, pizza delivery, police, fire, ambulance and more,” Mr. Douglas says. “Our course is taught by people who have successfully started this business, plus you get over ten bonus courses that will help you run your new business. In a recession, owning your own business has great benefits.”

Rich Wilkinson is one of the course teachers who has started many curb painting businesses. He says that this business can be started in two days by almost anyone, and that all the information you need to know is in the course: “The curb painting startup business is not a trendy new business that’s going to go up or down. It’s been sold for several years and will be sold for several more. The curb painting business has unlimited income potential. You can grow your business as big as you want it. If you want to be a single operator with no employees you can do that and I’ve always earned a nice income every time I’ve been in the curb painting business by myself. If you want to grow your business even bigger you can do it with employees, partnerships or even subcontractors that sell your service or paint the curbs for you for you. This business can be built quickly. It can be as big as you want it to be. I’ve made a pretty decent living in the curb painting business and I know other people who have made a lot more money than me.”

This is one of the best businesses in the world to be in,” Mr. Wilkinson says, “because you can start at the very bottom and work your way all the way to the top just by pure ingenuity, hard work and sweat equity. The curb painting business is fast to start. You can usually start your own curb painting business in less than two days. By using my methods and following the instructions you’ll see in this course, you’ll be able to hit the ground running and get your business started in as little as two days.”

Mr. Douglas identifies six benefits to the curb painting startup business:


Business Writing Skills Training Boosts Staff Productivity

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 29 March 2012

Walkerstone Training delivers big returns to its customers – value for money, effectiveness and productivity. Consequently, demand for its training services in Business Writing Skills and Business Report Writing has risen more than 50% in the past six months according to Richard Walker, CEO of Walkerstone Training.

Walker says that the business is successful because it is offering precisely what customers need: innovative use of learning technology linked to best learning practice. The company offers online as well as in-class training. Innovation starts with its online service. Those attending Walkerstone?s online course have access to a personal library exclusive to each delegate. Course notes uploaded to the library may include style guides, report templates, document examples or example letters. Effectively, this means that the online course is tailored.

Additionally, if delegates require guidance at any time, they can access a course tutor over Skype at a time of the delegate?s choosing. The online course is available to be self-administered or if used by a company, administered by a company training manager. It enables training managers to offer training which is immediate, accessible, convenient and measureable.

Walkerstone also offers its services outside normal working hours. So if a delegate has an important presentation to deliver on a Monday, a tutor from Walkerstone Training can be available to coach the delegate online ? on words, phrases and style – on the preceding Sunday evening.

Course content is generally tailored to delegates? business and writing needs. If delegates have a particular report to write for their work, this is included within in-class course exercises which makes learning and productivity an almost seamless activity and outcome.

Walkerstone says that whilst business writing is about clear communication, it is also about gaining attention, inspiring confidence and attracting interest. For these reasons, Walkerstone training includes how to define features, benefits and USPs and to write with persuasion. Courses also cover product positioning, customer focus and words that attract.

Another factor which contributes towards Walkerstone?s success is the appropriateness of its offering for today?s market. The company combines technology, best learning practice and tailored courseware to deliver a service of its age. The result is a training mix which is low cost and convenient, and yet includes high value one-to-one expertise on demand.

Richard Walker says ?Our customers seek economic, tailored learning solutions which give them fast results. Our practical exercises focus on what our delegates actually need to produce for their work. The result is accelerated learning and boosted productivity.?

Delegates attending business writing courses require uninterrupted thinking time, concentration, planning, structure and no distractions. Walkerstone?s online and in class offerings, address these needs perfectly.

About Walkerstone Training

Walkerstone Training is a leading supplier of business writing courses to individuals, companies and government organisations. Walkerstone is a high growth and niche training business which focuses on Business Writing Skills and Business Report Writing. Its training is delivered in-class and online.


Telephone: +44 (0)1252 792 270

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Digital Marketer Offers Help to Those Asking ?How Can I Get Published??

Austin, TX (PRWEB) March 29, 2012

People who have asked themselves ?How can I get published?? are in store to be shocked at how easy it can be. There?s a way to avoid the typical, big-business publishing world and go about self-publishing e-books, essays, reports, and even pamphlets with the greatest of ease. An article from earlier this week on said all this and more can be done with Amazon, the ultimate web content and retail center and home to one of the largest collections of credit card numbers anywhere.

The Digital Marketing Labs are sharing their expert advice in the form of a Special Report entitled ?Partnering with Amazon: How to Give Amazon Permission to Sell Your Products to their Over 275 Million Registered Buyers.? Subscribers will get a full understanding of selling and publishing with Amazon and gain insight on the miraculous marketing advantages awarded by the mammoth e-commerce website.

Self-publishing with Amazon can be done in a variety of ways, depending on the needs of the content and the capabilities of the seller. The article suggested Kindle Direct Publishing as one way, because it develops written content for e-readers. Going digital has become a smart move for emerging writers; it makes content instantly available to consumers and cuts down on book printing?s carbon footprint. ?Partnering with Amazon? covers Kindle Direct Publishing along with the site?s other offered services.

Along with its trove of registered customers, the group of self-publishers and sellers on Amazon has increased mightily. Amazon has helpful ways for every entrepreneur to publish and offer their material online, and gives them a chance to access the biggest online marketplace in the world.

Not only are sales done efficiently and securely, but the positive site traffic and page rank effects will blow away any other marketing method. The article said Amazon has such a strong web presence that anything located within its pages gets an instant boost in search engine recognition.

Since Amazon has become to go-to place for any online shopper, getting items on the site instantly increases the odds of making money. Learning how to sell self-published books on Amazon will increase online clout and authority, plus it can help any business or personality earn credit in their specific industry.

The next time the question ?How can I get published?? comes up, count on ?Partnering with Amazon? to provide the answers.

Digital Marketer releases reports to help businesses and entrepreneurs gain insight and information on the trends, data, and strategies that can take them to the top of their industry. Through training courses, strategic plans, blogs, and reports like this one, Digital Marketer assists anyone in their business-building needs.

Skyward Showcases Innovations that Bolster Communication and Efficiency at Annual iCon Event

Stevens Point, WI. (PRWEB) March 29, 2012

Skyward, Inc., a leading provider of K-12 school administrative software, unveiled three new solutions to promote student achievement and efficiency at its annual iCon event in Orlando, Fla. This year?s theme, ?It?s all about the students,? underscored the focus of the latest developments and strategies within Skyward?s School Management System.

Skyward customers traveled from 16 states and four countries to attend the March 7-9 event and get the first look at Skyward?s latest products, which incorporate social media elements. These expanded offerings come at a time when districts are looking for software systems to provide them with enhanced capabilities and time-saving features because of over-stretched budgets.

?In anticipation of our new offerings, including an online game for students and new design features, the excitement this year from the attendees was the highest I have seen,? says Scott Glinski, president of Skyward. ?The needs of districts and states are rapidly evolving. At Skyward, our responsibility is to deliver solutions to our customers that keep them a step ahead of these changes.?

School administrators got the inside scoop on how to use Skyward more effectively in their districts. Learning sessions focused on tools within Skyward that:

Making Money Quick Found

Hot solution is found. There are many ways to go about this. The Internet cash sensation has took the world by storm. Sometimes its even quite difficult to separate fact from fiction and narrow down the most legitimate options. The world wide web houses many opportunities but also many scams. It is thus very important that people be aware of such scams by learning about the legitimate ones.

Selling on Amazon and eBay have long since been legitimate income options. Anyone can open an account and begin to sell items across the Internet. The key is to offer products that consumers want and to build a good reputation with clients and contacts. There are those that sell partially used products and there are many buyers out there looking for these types of items.

However, the items in demand aren’t necessarily used but fall within the categories of electronics. Electronic products like digital cameras, cell phones, laptops, camcorders and ancillaries are quite popular. Other categories on the rise include brand name products, antiques, clothing and health and beauty items. Even jewellery such as watches and rings are in high demand. Many crafty individuals can also make big bucks selling handcrafted artisan pieces to the public.

Ebooks have become a popular cash making item on the Internet as of recently. The trip to the bookstore is too tedious for most and some would prefer to order an eBook instead. How-to books are on the rise. These books are highly useful, even ones teaching others about how to make money quick. Ebooks can be sold and resold depending on their applicable rights. Affiliate programs for those looking to resell electronic books for a profit are also very popular.

Writing is a skill some people have and is one way to make quick cash on the Internet. There are hundreds of websites which offer writing and design jobs to those who wish to work at home or work part time for an extra income. There are many different types of writing jobs available . Each individual depending on their expertise level can find a writing job . Sites such as iFreelance, AssociatedContent, Guru and Elance all offer ways to make cash quick.

Teaching online, which is often referred to as online teaching, is also a great way to make an income using the Internet. Those who have exceptional knowledge in various fields will find it easy to begin tutoring and teaching others. Sites like Tutor and UniversalClass all host online teaching resources and are a great way to begin spreading knowledge to others while making an income.

Online consulting is also another way of making money quick. Many people seek advice on a daily basis and sites such as Ether, Keen and Kasmaba offer online consulting opportunities.

Lastly, trading on the Forex can be risky but is one of the leading methods of attaining an income online. With their free training and follow ups anyone can become a successful trader.

Making money quick has always been a hot topic on the Internet and although there are many scams there are still hundreds of legitimate ways to make some extra cash.

Information just like this will help you discover some hot making of tips fast that you will love, and also some of the best new and fast in use making money quick secrets.

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Vidbot – Video Monetization Made Easy
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How To Earn Money Fast At Home

With the economy down, you need all the extra income you can get. Your husband’s salary is no longer enough, not when there is the threat of job cuts and downsizing. But for most stay-at-home moms, getting jobs is not an option. As much as they want to help out in the family finances, they have to stay at home and take care of the kids.

But ever since the internet came out, earning extra income while at home became easier. There are a lot of opportunities online that can give you that extra buck. Below are some of the ways you can earn money fast online.

1. Blog
It may be hard to imagine that writing articles everyday can make you earn money but it’s true. The internet has managed to democratize publishing. Everybody can have their pseudo magazine online. Successful bloggers can earn a lot of dollars from advertisements, especially google ads which give them money every time people click on the ads on their website.

Some bloggers also get freebies like gadgets and clothes to try on and review on their blogs. In fact, some people are not even after the money but the privilege that comes with having the blog. Bloggers get exclusive invites to events and premieres just so that they would write about it.

2. Sell products
There are a lot of people who shop online now. If you do not have any products, you can sell items in your house that you are no longer using. With the world as your potential buyers, somebody somewhere would probably have use of that rocking chair that you have on storage in your attic. You can try selling your stuff in ebay where people can buy them right off or they can have people bid on their items if they feel that they cannot give them price tags.

3. Be a virtual employee
Because of the great convenience that the Internet provides, people can get a regular job and do it at home. These jobs are called telecommute work. People do their work at home. One of the most common forms of telecommuting is web marketing and web content writing. Some corporations also hire virtual assistants to handle their schedules and correspondences just like what an ordinary secretary will do in a company. Another kind of telecommute work is transcribing. These are usually done for lawyers and medical doctors who have a lot of seminars that they go to and interviews on recording that they need to be transcribed.

4. Do web art or websites
If you have a background in the arts, you can earn a lot if you do web designing. You can either provide background art for websites or do the layout of a website yourself. What is great about web designing is the fact that it does not have any schedule. You can just do it when you have a free time. Some people are also hired to manage a website and become its administrator.

Want to know how to earn money fast at home?

Daegan Smith is an expert online marketer, trainer, and teacher.

Head here to  to discover the three simple steps to making more than a full time income in your online home business now. – This is my first and hopefully many of my No BS Friday videos. I’m going to do a video presentation every Friday on several different topics internet marketing related. This particular video is based on making money with Amazon if you’re on a budget and need some fast cash.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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