Best Home Based Business Is Curb Painting Says New Report From Shoestring Publishing

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) March 15, 2012

A new report from Shoestring Publishing ( says that curb painting is one of the best high profit and easy startup businesses for home-based business owners, even though most people have never heard of the curb painting business. “It might surprise some people that one of the best home-based business opportunities in the world is curb painting, it has great profit potential and can be started in only two days by almost anyone,” says Justin Douglas of Planet Amazing. A new report and course from Planet Amazing shows the student exactly what to do to start this business. “Curbing is the act of painting your house number on the curb in front of your house, or business, so it can be seen by any visitors, friends, family, delivery trucks like FedEx or UPS, pizza delivery, police, fire, ambulance and more,” Mr. Douglas says. “Our course is taught by people who have successfully started this business, plus you get over ten bonus courses that will help you run your new business. In a recession, owning your own business has great benefits.”

Rich Wilkinson is one of the course teachers who has started many curb painting businesses. He says that this business can be started in two days by almost anyone, and that all the information you need to know is in the course: “The curb painting startup business is not a trendy new business that’s going to go up or down. It’s been sold for several years and will be sold for several more. The curb painting business has unlimited income potential. You can grow your business as big as you want it. If you want to be a single operator with no employees you can do that and I’ve always earned a nice income every time I’ve been in the curb painting business by myself. If you want to grow your business even bigger you can do it with employees, partnerships or even subcontractors that sell your service or paint the curbs for you for you. This business can be built quickly. It can be as big as you want it to be. I’ve made a pretty decent living in the curb painting business and I know other people who have made a lot more money than me.”

This is one of the best businesses in the world to be in,” Mr. Wilkinson says, “because you can start at the very bottom and work your way all the way to the top just by pure ingenuity, hard work and sweat equity. The curb painting business is fast to start. You can usually start your own curb painting business in less than two days. By using my methods and following the instructions you’ll see in this course, you’ll be able to hit the ground running and get your business started in as little as two days.”

Mr. Douglas identifies six benefits to the curb painting startup business:


Business Writing Skills Training Boosts Staff Productivity

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 29 March 2012

Walkerstone Training delivers big returns to its customers – value for money, effectiveness and productivity. Consequently, demand for its training services in Business Writing Skills and Business Report Writing has risen more than 50% in the past six months according to Richard Walker, CEO of Walkerstone Training.

Walker says that the business is successful because it is offering precisely what customers need: innovative use of learning technology linked to best learning practice. The company offers online as well as in-class training. Innovation starts with its online service. Those attending Walkerstone?s online course have access to a personal library exclusive to each delegate. Course notes uploaded to the library may include style guides, report templates, document examples or example letters. Effectively, this means that the online course is tailored.

Additionally, if delegates require guidance at any time, they can access a course tutor over Skype at a time of the delegate?s choosing. The online course is available to be self-administered or if used by a company, administered by a company training manager. It enables training managers to offer training which is immediate, accessible, convenient and measureable.

Walkerstone also offers its services outside normal working hours. So if a delegate has an important presentation to deliver on a Monday, a tutor from Walkerstone Training can be available to coach the delegate online ? on words, phrases and style – on the preceding Sunday evening.

Course content is generally tailored to delegates? business and writing needs. If delegates have a particular report to write for their work, this is included within in-class course exercises which makes learning and productivity an almost seamless activity and outcome.

Walkerstone says that whilst business writing is about clear communication, it is also about gaining attention, inspiring confidence and attracting interest. For these reasons, Walkerstone training includes how to define features, benefits and USPs and to write with persuasion. Courses also cover product positioning, customer focus and words that attract.

Another factor which contributes towards Walkerstone?s success is the appropriateness of its offering for today?s market. The company combines technology, best learning practice and tailored courseware to deliver a service of its age. The result is a training mix which is low cost and convenient, and yet includes high value one-to-one expertise on demand.

Richard Walker says ?Our customers seek economic, tailored learning solutions which give them fast results. Our practical exercises focus on what our delegates actually need to produce for their work. The result is accelerated learning and boosted productivity.?

Delegates attending business writing courses require uninterrupted thinking time, concentration, planning, structure and no distractions. Walkerstone?s online and in class offerings, address these needs perfectly.

About Walkerstone Training

Walkerstone Training is a leading supplier of business writing courses to individuals, companies and government organisations. Walkerstone is a high growth and niche training business which focuses on Business Writing Skills and Business Report Writing. Its training is delivered in-class and online.


Telephone: +44 (0)1252 792 270

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Aware Bear Computers Announces a New Business Server Repair and Maintenance Services for 2012

Rochester, New York (PRWEB) February 17, 2012

Aware Bear Computers has launched this week a brand new business server and maintenance service in Rochester, New York. ?Local Rochester businesses experiencing slow networks, outdated server software and laggy computers can take advantage of Aware Bear Computers world class new business server repair and maintenance service in Rochester? mentioned Andre Leite Alves from Rochester.

Slow networks can cause Rochester, New York; businesses lose important files and also slow down production. ?When a network is not working properly, or it has a faulty piece of hardware (router, switch or wires), it can corrupt files while saving them to the main server or into a backup device? mentions Arthur Leite Alves, President of Aware Bear Computers in Rochester, New York.

Outdated software is the second leading cause of network problems in Rochester, New York. ?When a piece of software becomes outdated, is no longer supported by the manufacturer. Updates may no longer be available and the old software becomes more vulnerable to viruses, malware and even hackers trying to get access to important business information? mentions Andre Leite Alves, owner and founder of Aware Bear Computers.

?Computers can be laggy for several reasons, overheating is probably the number one reason laggy computers come in to Aware Bear Computers in Pittsford, New York. Computer fans have ball bearings that wear out over time. Fans need to be replaced in three to four years in order for the computer to work 100%? mentions Arthur Alves from Aware Bear Computers. A slow internet connection due to a faulty network switch or a broken cable can also cause a client computer to malfunction inside of a network environment.

Aware Bear Computers specializes in business server repair and maintenance service in Rochester, New York. Server 2000, Server 2003, Server 2008, OS X 10.5 Server, OS X 10.6 Server and OS X 10.7 Server are supported under Aware Bear Computers brand new 2012 new business server repair and maintenance services.

Local Rochester businesses looking to save money and looking for a local computer repair store server and network, service contract can contact Aware Bear Computers by calling (585)473-7035 or visit [


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Tablets Make their Way into the Workplace: Email and Note Taking are Most Popular Business Uses, Says NPD In-Stat

Scottsdale, Ariz. (PRWEB) February 14, 2012

The tablet has been the hottest device in the consumer market since Apple?s 2010 iPad launch. Yet over the past year, tablet use has begun to crossover from the consumer world into the workplace. New NPD In-Stat ( research confirms that the most common business uses of tablets are email/calendar management, note taking, and presentations, with 77% reporting email as a common workplace use.

?Email is by far the most dominant tablet application for business users,? says Frank Dickson, VP Mobile Research. ?However, when you dig into the data, you find a plethora of strong niche uses arising. When business tablet users are asked to list ALL the applications they use, note taking, for example, is listed as the second most popular application. However, when survey respondents are asked to only select their most important uses, note taking is at the bottom of that list. In addition to email, customer relationship management and IT network intelligence are listed as ?most important? uses.?

Recent survey findings include the following: