Job Training Program Gives Local Workers the Tools they Need to Earn Thousands Per Week while Working Part Time from Home

Boise, Idaho (PRWEB) February 16, 2012

As unemployment figures continue to rise in many communities, millions of jobseekers have been searching for online jobs in which they can make thousands of dollars per week while working part-time from their own homes.

Those workers can look no further than a series of free webinars being offered this week by DotComSecrets Local, an internet marketing company that is seeking to fill legitimate online jobs coast to coast, according to company founder and president Russell Brunson.

Most people with online jobs work from home, but usually prior experience is necessary. But that?s not the case with DotComSecrets Local because the company will teach all the skills and provide all the tools its consultants need to succeed.

DotComSecrets Local specializes in connecting local business owners with internet marketing experts, but it relies on people in the field to provide those connections, Brunson said. DCS Local needs to increase its presence in every major metropolitan area, so it has scheduled a series of three free webinars to find potential candidates.

DCS Local consultants work in their spare time and out of their own home, but some are already earning more than $ 8,000 per month simply by connecting local business owners with the company. And some new consultants have started earning paychecks on their very first day on the job.

The company provides its consultants with everything they need to be internet marketing experts, so that when they approach local businesses they have the tools they need to close the deal.

Brunson said he started his company after recognizing that too many small businesses waste their marketing budget in traditional advertising models that are failing, such as newspaper and television. They could spend less money and make it produce better results if they instead target internet-based marketing that focuses on new media ? such as smart phones and portable electronic tablets.

Brunson — a self-made internet success story who has been recognized for his internet marketing acumen by famed motivational speaker Tony Robbins and international businessman Richard Branson — said small businesses today deserve to have the same opportunities that proved so successful for multi-billion dollar companies such as Facebook, Groupon, Twitter and Foursquare.

He just needs more people to spread his message.

?We want to help these small businesses and we have the resources to do it,? Brunson said. ?We?re just missing one thing that we need to reach them: A local presence. We need somebody on the ground.?

That?s why this week?s free webinars have been scheduled. But only 300 positions will be available for each webinar, and once they are filled no more will be opened up. The last time DCS Local sponsored webinars, all the positions fill within the first few hours and thousands were turned away.

During the webinars, participants will learn how they can earn thousands per week simply by connecting local businesses with DCS Local. The company will then work with the businesses to build effective marketing campaigns that will grow their businesses exponentially.

Webinar participants also will learn how DCS Local chapters in their home towns can help them become highly paid consultants while working part time from their own homes, while providing no actual products or services and doing no actual work other than making connections between local businesses and the company.

And DCS Local will even provide all the tools consultants will need to make the sale every time, regardless of their prior sales or marketing experience.

Brunson warned those people who want to learn how they can start making thousands of dollars per week while working part time from their own homes should not risk being left out in the cold. Interested participants need to sign up fast before all the positions are filled.

Participants can sign up for one of this week?s three webinars by visiting:

For more information about this week?s webinars or about DotComSecrets Local, visit

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How to Earn Extra Money on eBay

eBay is a great opportunity for people who want to experiment with business and would love to make an additional income but also have other commitments. It could be that you’re working full or part time and want to test an idea before taking the plunge and leave the day job. eBay is ideal for people who want to try and work 5-9
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How To Earn Money Fast At Home

With the economy down, you need all the extra income you can get. Your husband’s salary is no longer enough, not when there is the threat of job cuts and downsizing. But for most stay-at-home moms, getting jobs is not an option. As much as they want to help out in the family finances, they have to stay at home and take care of the kids.

But ever since the internet came out, earning extra income while at home became easier. There are a lot of opportunities online that can give you that extra buck. Below are some of the ways you can earn money fast online.

1. Blog
It may be hard to imagine that writing articles everyday can make you earn money but it’s true. The internet has managed to democratize publishing. Everybody can have their pseudo magazine online. Successful bloggers can earn a lot of dollars from advertisements, especially google ads which give them money every time people click on the ads on their website.

Some bloggers also get freebies like gadgets and clothes to try on and review on their blogs. In fact, some people are not even after the money but the privilege that comes with having the blog. Bloggers get exclusive invites to events and premieres just so that they would write about it.

2. Sell products
There are a lot of people who shop online now. If you do not have any products, you can sell items in your house that you are no longer using. With the world as your potential buyers, somebody somewhere would probably have use of that rocking chair that you have on storage in your attic. You can try selling your stuff in ebay where people can buy them right off or they can have people bid on their items if they feel that they cannot give them price tags.

3. Be a virtual employee
Because of the great convenience that the Internet provides, people can get a regular job and do it at home. These jobs are called telecommute work. People do their work at home. One of the most common forms of telecommuting is web marketing and web content writing. Some corporations also hire virtual assistants to handle their schedules and correspondences just like what an ordinary secretary will do in a company. Another kind of telecommute work is transcribing. These are usually done for lawyers and medical doctors who have a lot of seminars that they go to and interviews on recording that they need to be transcribed.

4. Do web art or websites
If you have a background in the arts, you can earn a lot if you do web designing. You can either provide background art for websites or do the layout of a website yourself. What is great about web designing is the fact that it does not have any schedule. You can just do it when you have a free time. Some people are also hired to manage a website and become its administrator.

Want to know how to earn money fast at home?

Daegan Smith is an expert online marketer, trainer, and teacher.

Head here to  to discover the three simple steps to making more than a full time income in your online home business now. – This is my first and hopefully many of my No BS Friday videos. I’m going to do a video presentation every Friday on several different topics internet marketing related. This particular video is based on making money with Amazon if you’re on a budget and need some fast cash.
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How To Earn Extra Money From Home

Nowadays many of us have got to earn extra money from home. We have an issue growing throughout the economic system right now at which most of us earn adequate cash to make do, however, not sufficient revenue to get by as well as help you save income. Many individuals would choose to learn how they may attain more money out of your home beyond the borders of ones own working day tasks for the reason that folks do not wish to need to perform two jobs nevertheless want the cash flow connected with two careers. Becoming an web based marketer is a such manner in which lets you earn extra money from home that will enable you to help you save for the out of nowhere charges.

Earn Extra Money From Home As An Internet affiliate – How Exactly Does That Work?

On line internet marketing just isn’t an item which you can get affluent over night. This can be a extremely method motivated technique which in the event you continue to be fully commited you will observe results. The main factor here will be commitment, you’ll need to be carrying out some thing all the time to get advances. Once you rinse and repeat what exactly is working is usually when you start out to notice awesome outcomes which often may well lead to ones abandoning your job and enable an individual to earn extra money from home.

A good example of how you can earn extra money from home::

One particular very easy strategy will be by simply purchasing a product which you possess after which you can producing a review website regarding this package. You know much more about it than the one who will be seeking in Yahoo and google regarding info about it plus many people want reading user reviews. Now establish a uncomplicated blog page with a few analyze webpages in regards to the product. After this you place a few web links on your own pages which will link to amazon as well as convey to them that they may be given a great deal for this products there. In this manner you’re furnishing significance with your analysis and expressing to your viewer where they can additionally buy this particular product.

But the secret of this is certainly steady activity each day. You simply won’t observe fantastic accomplishment instantly, but you will see dollars beginning to trickle in and the more you continue to keep carrying out work the bigger this drip becomes. In no time it will now become a not too trivial amount of money. If you continue to keep working in web marketing along with reproducing precisely what performs then you can put together ample dollars to accomplish it full time in the event it is exactly what you want.

To acquire the 100 % free nine part online video system designed to educate you step-by-step how you can earn extra money from home and begin you on your own route to a new path on the net. Browse through my overview of this unique extraordinary Complimentary money making tutorials at

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Four Easy Tips to Earn Money Fast

Finding that legal and genuine could be a bit challenging, but it is definitely not impossible. It might also take you sometime to actually find a plan that works. But once you have, stick with it and you will definitely see results! Here are a few options:

Tip 1 – The easiest way

This tip highlights what is probably the easiest way to earn money fast. Blogging! Confused? Well let’s address your confusion. Almost everyone uses a blog and why not? Everyone has an opinion on some topic or the other and they like to be heard. So if you fall into this category or even if you don’t start making your opinion earn. Making money on your blog is really quite easy. Of course the first step to this is to actually have a blog. Creating a blog has been made simple by sites such as This site lets you set up a blog for free. So, how does it work?

Once you have your blog up and running, start uploading ads that belong to ‘AdSense’ onto it.

These ads simply appear at the side of your blog / article and every time someone clicks on the ad, it generates revenue for you. The trick is to have many such blogs up and running. This is when you will earn money fast of the internet.

Tip 2 – Fast but not a lot

Another interesting way to earn money fast using the internet is to read emails. If reading is your passion, you could give this option a serous thought. Most of the emails that you will be reading will either have an advertisement with them or be part of an advertisement. Most companies pay per email that is read. While this might be fast, the down side is that it does not pay too much. The normal payout per email is usually in cents. Not too exciting a prospect but if you work the concept right, you will succeed and earn money fast.

Tip 3 – Build and sell

One of the best ways earn money fast is to build a website that belongs to you.

This is how you can actually start rolling in the big bucks. The only prerequisite here is that you have basic knowledge of creating a website. If you don’t, there are plenty of resources available online that can teach you the basics of HTML and help you get started. Once you have the basic knowledge, start dabbling and create your site. If this option does not work for you, there is an easier way out. Get your website designed. Of course this will come with a fee.

Tip 4 – Choose the right product

Once your site is up and functioning, you should give some thought to the product / products that you want to market or sell. You can choose to market an existing product that you have (keeping in mind the legalities) or you could explore possibilities of marketing products like an e-book. Like the design of the website, these products too can be designed and custom made for your site at a price.

Which ever method of earning money you decide to go with, the key to it all is consistency. Without it, you will find whichever method you opt for, unsuccessful. A lot of dedicated work is required if you would like to succeed.

Making the internet pay for you is fast catching on. It is a great way to supplement existing income, Earn Money Fast or even make it your main source of income. For more tips and resources, go to and start being successful with these Work from Home opportunities.

Earn money quickly

Looking for ways to earn money quickly on the internet takes some strategizing. Quickly; implies that there will not be much time for preparation. If a person is well versed in a particular area, there is a greater chance they will be able to find a suitable activity in that area than in an unknown arena to make money quickly. The first thing a person needs to look at is the skill sets they bring to the table. A person with lots of computer skills and a good grasp of the internet will be able to find a ton of opportunities online. People with other skill sets like arts, crafts and the mechanically inclined may find it easier to earn money quickly by personal service; these people can make money very quickly in the real world.


People who have any kind of talent, artistic or mechanical ability can always find a way to earn money quickly.

A singer or someone with a distinctive voice can make a recording of their vocal ability, have the recording put onto a compact disc and then, mail the compact disc to wedding planners, funeral homes, and entertainment companies. Included in the package should be a letter of introduction, an explanation of the services they offer, references, and availability. Of course, if the person lives in a big city, this tactic should bring almost instant results. People get married all of the time; therefore wedding planners maintain a short list of wedding singers. People die every day, so funeral directors also keep a list of singers for services. Finding ways to earn money quickly may seem difficult at first thought. Yet, artists of all types sell wares at shows, fairs, festivals, and at consignment shops. There is a never ending market for decorative items for walls, tables, and shelves. Picture frames painted a certain way, made of shells, glass, wood, or metal have a good market. Flower arrangements, whether fresh or artificial continue to be popular. Paintings of all types adorn the walls of most homes.


In fact, there is a market for all genre of work that can help a person earn money quickly. Chefs and bakers are a necessity, especially around holiday time. Advertising skills as a cook or caterer, cake decorator or baker can net big dividends. People pay very good money for those things they can appreciate, but cannot do themselves either because of a lack of knowledge, skills, or talent in that area. There are kitchen skills, household decorating, cleaning, and sewing skills that many people learned growing up or after taking a class as an adult. For some it is mechanical ability. Fixing an appliance, assembling a bicycle or a cabinet are all skills that only some of us possess. Don’t forget the basic car mechanic. Changing the oil or spark plugs in a car is not something that everyone knows about. In this world of convenience, there are many people who have not learned these good basic skills. Any skill that a person has that people are known to have paid for in the past is fair game for earning a buck.


Take some time to figure out what you are good at. If a person can plan, they have a skill that many people do not possess. This is the best skill to have in order to earn money quickly. There are business planners, event planners, wedding planners, etcetera. If an individual has a green thumb, this is another avenue to money. People love fresh, organically grown fruits and vegetables. Vegetables, in particular do not take a great amount of space to plant and cultivate. Some people make a regular living from growing tomatoes, cucumbers, melons and peppers and selling them at various farmers’ markets. “Ye have sown much, and bring in little; ye eat, but ye have not enough; ye drink, but ye are not filled with drink; ye clothe you, but there is none warm; and he that earneth wages earneth wages to put it into a bag with holes .” (Haggai 1:6)


Most people do not think about earning money with the things they look at every day in their homes, yet other people have proven that these can be big money makers. In the U.S. especially, a majority of people have purchased, inherited, or otherwise been given things that they will never use. There are garages and storage units full of all types of household items, computer and cell phone gadgets, auto parts, and collectibles. The things that have lost their luster and appeal to you may be just the thing someone else is longing for and it can earn money quickly. A person can sell these items by having a yard sale, garage sale, placing items in consignment shops, or even selling them over the internet. Ebay and Craigslist are prime examples of venues that are valuable in this type of pursuit. Just one caveat though, when selling over the internet, there is the issue of shipping costs; make sure the purchaser pays shipping.


As a competent writer, a person can write their way to earnings. There are several places online that allow a person to write content for news releases, magazines, or websites. An individual will be paid according to the number of words, number of page views, or by a specific format that has been requested. There is no lack of creative or inventive ways in which to earn a dollar. Take some time to list all the things you know how to do. Then, make a decision about which items would be the most profitable, or expedient to pursue. Everyone has the ability to earn money quickly. Focus and resolve are the greatest determinants to how much a person will make.

For more information:

Earn Money Online Today

If you want to earn money online through your technical, reading and writing skills, than doing online freelancing jobs and proofreading jobs will be the perfect for you. Both these jobs are described below.

Online Freelancing Jobs

If you have skills like programming, web designing, graphic designing, writing and translation, than you can easily earn money online. Several freelance marketplace websites available on the net bring together both the job seekers and clients looking to outsource their projects.

If you do freelancing jobs you will have many benefits like having a high degree of independence, choosing your place and time of work and not having to maintain any fixed schedule. You will also be directly paid your full rate for your work. Before starting your freelance job, first search for the most suitable one for you and try to build your contacts.

And after starting as a freelancer, keep your skills sharp and build a relationship with the clients. You can do this with the help of the freelance marketplace sites, which have rating systems and feedbacks for both the clients and the contractors. Thus with your gaining experience, record of your quality work will be visible to others. As a result, with your increasing credibility more and more people will directly approach you for work. With the increase in works you will be able to subcontract the works through other freelancing sites and earn more money.

Along with delivering good quality work on time you have to also be polite and professional with your clients to be successful as a freelancer. Most clients accept bids having the most professional package. So, never set your rates as the cheapest.

Instead set a rate which meets both your needs and the client’s budget.

If you follow the above mentioned steps, you can be very successful in this field of online freelancing and thus earn more money.

Online Proofreading Job

Those of you who are good at reading and spotting errors can take the job of online proofreading to earn money. It is also one of the best way to earn money by bringing your writing and reading skills to good use. In this kind of job you have to check any form of literature for punctuation and grammatical errors and correct them. After the completion of your work the literary piece will be considered perfect.

To be a good proofreader, you can practice punctuation and grammar exercises, learn to spell correctly and try to gain as much knowledge on different subjects as possible. Today several online courses and tutorials are available to provide training to those who wants to do this kind of work. Also available is a proofreading software that recognizes punctuation, grammatical or spelling errors. It automatically corrects these errors or marks them to be corrected manually.

If you want to work as an online proofreader and earn money, you can search for them in the internet. Many sites like freelance marketplace websites, major and minor job boards offer jobs for both expert and novice proofreaders.  

Be sure to check out this way to make money online.
Stephen Wilson

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