The non-iron dress shirts – advantages and disadvantages

It is very difficult to make dress shirts to look neat. It does not matter if you take them to a specialized company in order to have them perfectly ironed or in order to have them perfectly starched; they simply get numerous wrinkles, especially if the person wearing them spends a lot of time at work, in the office chair or spends a lot of time traveling and changing means of transport. The big fashion companies and the big fashion houses have come with a solution to this problem by inventing the non-iron dress shirts. These shirts are the dream of every woman, as they only have to wash them in special conditions and that’s pretty much it regarding their maintenance. However, despite the fact that the non-iron dress shirts have numerous advantages, they also have plenty of disadvantages. Let’s take them one by one and find out more about them.

A non-iron dress is made either of a synthetic fabric or of cotton which has been treated with special chemicals. The advantage of this is represented by the fact that there is no more need of ironing the shirt, but there are men who simply can’t stand feeling the synthetic fabric on their skin. A big advantage of these shirts is represented by the fact that they can be washed as many times as it is needed and they can be worn on several occasions without making wrinkles. This means that the repeated wearing of these shirts does not involve their ironing. Those who travel a lot will save some space thanks to a non-iron dress shirt, as they won’t need to put a travel iron into the luggage anymore.

One of the big disadvantages of these shirts is represented by their price; they are more expensive than the regular shirts and numerous people are not ready to spend that amount of money on a single dress shirt. In addition to this, the fabrics they contain do not breathe well, so it is possible not to feel comfortable wearing such a dress shirt. If you have in plan to purchase such a shirt in the near future, then you should first balance the advantages and the disadvantages.