Aware Bear Computers Announces a New Business Server Repair and Maintenance Services for 2012

Rochester, New York (PRWEB) February 17, 2012

Aware Bear Computers has launched this week a brand new business server and maintenance service in Rochester, New York. ?Local Rochester businesses experiencing slow networks, outdated server software and laggy computers can take advantage of Aware Bear Computers world class new business server repair and maintenance service in Rochester? mentioned Andre Leite Alves from Rochester.

Slow networks can cause Rochester, New York; businesses lose important files and also slow down production. ?When a network is not working properly, or it has a faulty piece of hardware (router, switch or wires), it can corrupt files while saving them to the main server or into a backup device? mentions Arthur Leite Alves, President of Aware Bear Computers in Rochester, New York.

Outdated software is the second leading cause of network problems in Rochester, New York. ?When a piece of software becomes outdated, is no longer supported by the manufacturer. Updates may no longer be available and the old software becomes more vulnerable to viruses, malware and even hackers trying to get access to important business information? mentions Andre Leite Alves, owner and founder of Aware Bear Computers.

?Computers can be laggy for several reasons, overheating is probably the number one reason laggy computers come in to Aware Bear Computers in Pittsford, New York. Computer fans have ball bearings that wear out over time. Fans need to be replaced in three to four years in order for the computer to work 100%? mentions Arthur Alves from Aware Bear Computers. A slow internet connection due to a faulty network switch or a broken cable can also cause a client computer to malfunction inside of a network environment.

Aware Bear Computers specializes in business server repair and maintenance service in Rochester, New York. Server 2000, Server 2003, Server 2008, OS X 10.5 Server, OS X 10.6 Server and OS X 10.7 Server are supported under Aware Bear Computers brand new 2012 new business server repair and maintenance services.

Local Rochester businesses looking to save money and looking for a local computer repair store server and network, service contract can contact Aware Bear Computers by calling (585)473-7035 or visit [


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