Business Writing Skills Training Boosts Staff Productivity

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 29 March 2012

Walkerstone Training delivers big returns to its customers – value for money, effectiveness and productivity. Consequently, demand for its training services in Business Writing Skills and Business Report Writing has risen more than 50% in the past six months according to Richard Walker, CEO of Walkerstone Training.

Walker says that the business is successful because it is offering precisely what customers need: innovative use of learning technology linked to best learning practice. The company offers online as well as in-class training. Innovation starts with its online service. Those attending Walkerstone?s online course have access to a personal library exclusive to each delegate. Course notes uploaded to the library may include style guides, report templates, document examples or example letters. Effectively, this means that the online course is tailored.

Additionally, if delegates require guidance at any time, they can access a course tutor over Skype at a time of the delegate?s choosing. The online course is available to be self-administered or if used by a company, administered by a company training manager. It enables training managers to offer training which is immediate, accessible, convenient and measureable.

Walkerstone also offers its services outside normal working hours. So if a delegate has an important presentation to deliver on a Monday, a tutor from Walkerstone Training can be available to coach the delegate online ? on words, phrases and style – on the preceding Sunday evening.

Course content is generally tailored to delegates? business and writing needs. If delegates have a particular report to write for their work, this is included within in-class course exercises which makes learning and productivity an almost seamless activity and outcome.

Walkerstone says that whilst business writing is about clear communication, it is also about gaining attention, inspiring confidence and attracting interest. For these reasons, Walkerstone training includes how to define features, benefits and USPs and to write with persuasion. Courses also cover product positioning, customer focus and words that attract.

Another factor which contributes towards Walkerstone?s success is the appropriateness of its offering for today?s market. The company combines technology, best learning practice and tailored courseware to deliver a service of its age. The result is a training mix which is low cost and convenient, and yet includes high value one-to-one expertise on demand.

Richard Walker says ?Our customers seek economic, tailored learning solutions which give them fast results. Our practical exercises focus on what our delegates actually need to produce for their work. The result is accelerated learning and boosted productivity.?

Delegates attending business writing courses require uninterrupted thinking time, concentration, planning, structure and no distractions. Walkerstone?s online and in class offerings, address these needs perfectly.

About Walkerstone Training

Walkerstone Training is a leading supplier of business writing courses to individuals, companies and government organisations. Walkerstone is a high growth and niche training business which focuses on Business Writing Skills and Business Report Writing. Its training is delivered in-class and online.


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