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San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) February 01, 2012

For almost ten years, Majitek has been at the forefront of Internet software for connected real estate. The company has deployed its Leap Plaza software in more than 60,000 residential units, in gated communities and high-rise office and apartment towers, including Jumierah Beach Residences in Dubai, the world?s largest single stage property development with 15,000 residents in 7,000 units. Majitek?s customers have reported a very high uptake of value-added services from their tenants, which has brought them benefits to top line revenue generation as well as to the bottom line from the efficiencies that come from customer self-service and automated billing.

Turn the Building Help Desk into a Customer Self-Service Portal

Let?s face it, facilities management workers are not always great at customer service. Sometimes, there are language and cultural difficulties. In many buildings, ?help desk? is a chief engineer answering the phone. This is easily improved with a web portal. When customers come to the building?s web site, they have a clear process where they can report maintenance issues. This could be a simple web form, or a more useful web application where customers can track the status of their requests and property managers can see the overall daily, monthly and weekly schedule.

Use Technology to manage building operations more efficiently

More efficiency means getting more ?bang for your buck? ? and ideally, reducing the amount of bucks too! It?s all about doing more for less. One of the best ways to do this is to Add integrated billing. Customers can pay for rent, tenancy charges, or additional services, through their credit cards (for a small additional charge). Many owners of units are in different locations, even different states or countries. Providing this extra amenity gives them a benefit, at no extra cost, and makes collecting rents and issuing invoices easy and automatic. Delinquent tenants can be identified in reports and shut out of the system if required.

?Would you like fries with that?? ? time for the upsell

Once a building has streamlined its Help Desk function, customers will be helping themselves with the self-service portal, and getting automatically billed. What else might these tenants want to buy, while they are at the building portal? Building-related services is a no-brainer. Perhaps there are other services, related to the local area or the specific requirements of the tenant community. It is usually not hard for a building manager to speak to some tenants, if they ask around they will quickly get some ideas about what services tenants would appreciate and be willing to pay for.

Create an Online Store For Services, by partnering with Tenant Service Providers.

Most buildings are full of people who need housekeeping, window and carpet cleaning, laundry, childcare, personal training, massage, picture hanging, lightbulbs changing. There are quite likely to be service providers who already offer these services to residents in your building, or others who see the value of promoting their service to a whole building full of people. Most of these providers will be only to happy to share a fee or percentage of each sale, to get regular access to an entire building through an online portal. This is called a ?hyper-local monopoly?. The operator of the property, creates the portal, picks the providers, creates the marketplace ? and therefore has the monopoly.

Automate Store Operations

If a store has been set up well, it can connect the buyer and the seller (like eBay), provide the billing for the transaction and be available as a neutral third party in the event of any dispute. This is called a ?clip the ticket? business model. Customers go to the Self-Service portal any time 24/7, they peruse the services on offer; when they select one, an email or text message gets sent to the service provider. A portal operator can see the status of all requests, and if they have been completed. If a customer is not satisfied, there is an entire log of every interaction they and the service provider have had via the system.

Turn an iPad into a Kiosk.

It is possible to add a Customer Self-Service kiosk to a building quickly and cheaply, with a Tablet connected to the building portal.

For example they could use an iPad, mounted inside a custom-made timber box made by a carpenter. Velcro tape can be affixed to the back of the iPad, to facilitate mounting it on a wall or vehicle dash. There are many pre-made iPad presentation solutions, like

This lets the property manager set up a kiosk in the building, where residents can access the portal at any time. If they come to report a maintenance issue to a busy receptionist, concierge, or security person, they can be directed towards the self-service kiosk to process their request.

Promote the high-tech nature of the building

Happy tenants, and tenant service providers, should be most willing to provide a quote that can be used with their name, as a testimonial. The property manager can record a brief video for YouTube, showing the kiosk and all the amenities that are available in the building. Existing tenants will be proud to show off to all their friends the new level of service they are getting. Maybe the real estate section of a local paper might be interested in doing a story.

It?s time to raise the rent!

The money from transaction fees on new value added services, and the higher rent commensurate with the higher level of amenity in the building, will in turn increase the building?s capital valuation and it?s return on investment.

About Majitek:

Majitek has deployed its software in upwards of 50,000 residential units and more than 100 high-rise towers. The company?s solutions deliver significant benefits in residential and commercial real estate and healthcare. Majitek users have reported a very high uptake of value-added services from their tenants, and are enjoying the benefits of new revenue generation as well as the ease of customer self-service billing.

Majitek was founded by Steve Outtrim and Rob Cumming, and other members of the original team from Sausage Software. The company received an investment from Cisco Systems and CNA Group in 2009. In 2011, Majitek deployed the first Leap Plaza Community in Dubai.

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